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Over the past 40 years the Danzy brothers, Philip and Rosgo have worked in the music industry and there passion for music has aligned them to many different genres of music. Philip’s music career began taking piano lesson in the sixth grade. For the next several years, he was a member of a church choir that travelled the country. He also joined a Drum and Bugle Corp., all before entering high school. While serving in the U. S. Army, Philip formed a Rhythm & Blues Band that would perform for the troops. After his tour of service, he decided to devote his life to music and enrolled in College in pursuit of a music degree. While in College he connected with a team of songwriters and together they started writing and selling songs to publishing companies. Rosgo majored in Music Composition and Theory, under the tutelage of Professor James Mack, where he was exposed to the music industry first hand. After his studies with Professor Mack, he attended Chicago Musical College/ Roosevelt University. Rosgo would later relocate to Southern California, where he continued his studies in music Composition and Film scoring at UCLA. After college, Rosgo and Philip served and developed the Keynote Recording Label, a company that recorded artist with Smooth Jazz to R&B backgrounds. The brothers joined forces again and opened a “Jingle” house. A place where they composed jingles for McDonalds, Coke Cola, Ford Motors to name a few clients and wrote commercials for some of the top ad agencies in the Midwest while working on recording sessions for national recording artist. Philip retired from the Chicago Public School, after 20 year of teaching music. His goal is to start a record label here in Chicago and use it as an outlet for a lot of the talent we have in this city. Rosgo is a former NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) Grammy Awards Board Member of the Chicago Chapter. He and Philip currently are the CEO’s of C.E.O. inc.(Chicago Entertanment Organization inc.) Music Group where the main goal is to create and help develop and turn musically gifted young people into top notched recording artist. As we learn and keep up with the new technology and concepts of the music business we want to share this knowledge with our younger generation of talent with the intent of them continuing to uphold the policies and goals of our mission statement.

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